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Pittsburgh Propane: 6 Facts Our Customers Should Know

March 22, 2017 / Joshua Prizer / Propane, Propane Tanks

If you are interested in becoming one of our Pittsburgh propane customers, you probably have many questions about our services and propane in general. We have compiled some helpful facts that are sure to make the switch a bit easier.

1. Our Propane Is Federally Regulated
Because we want to ensure that our propane is the highest possible quality, we purchase and import all our propane from Texas. Propane is delivered from Texas via pipeline and these pipelines are federally regulated. The propane also is chemically tested three times each day so you never need to worry about the quality of the propane we use to fill up your tank.

2. We Don’t Require Contracts
While some Pittsburgh propane companies require customers to sign long-term contracts when they set up service, we will never ask you to sign a contract. We believe that our service and prices speak for themselves. Rather than requiring a customer to use our service, we hope you call again and again because we offer the best possible deal on propane and provide you with top customer service.

3. You Can Buy, Lease or Lease-To-Own A Tank
When you start out with Pittsburgh propane service, you obviously need a tank. You can select either an above-ground or underground tank and our team can install either. There are some instances when underground tanks are not an option, and our representatives will come out to your property and determine what your best options might be.

We will lease you a tank for a nominal fee per year plus initial installation costs. You also have the option to lease-to-own the tank over the course of either three years or five years. If you decide in the future that you wish to purchase a leased tank, you can do so at any time. However, if you start your service by pre-buying propane, we will give you a tank for free. For instance, if you pre-buy 1,500 gallons of propane, we will give you a free 250-gallon tank. We also give away 320-gallon tanks, 500-gallon propane tanks and 1,000-gallon propane tanks if you can pre-buy a larger amount of propane.

4. Customer Responsibilities
As a Pittsburgh propane customer, you will have a few responsibilities. For instance, you must provide access to your property and tank at all times so that our personnel can provide delivery services and maintenance. We also need you to keep an eye on your tank gauge. When this reads at about 30%, it is imperative that you call us and schedule a tank refill.

It might also be wise during the winter months to contact us when the tank is perhaps around 35%. Winter storms and high demand for propane can increase delivery times. We recommend that all our Pittsburgh propane customers pre-buy propane and fill their tank prior to the beginning of the prime heating season. Not only will you have propane on hand to see you through the cold months, you also are likely to get the best possible prices.

5. Your Delivery Options
The main reason we ask you to contact us when your tank hits that 30% mark is so that you don’t incur extra fees for rushed deliveries. Emergency fills are quite expensive. For instance, if you need your tank refilled within 24 hours, there is a $300 emergency fill fee. For an expedited fill within 48 hours, this fee is $225 and if you can wait up to the three business days, this extra fee is $150. It is always best, and more affordable, to give us plenty of notice. Again, this is especially important during the coldest months of the year. Demand for propane is high in the winter, which can cause shortages and delivery delays.

6. We Also Sell Propane Appliances
Propane is a highly efficient source of energy, and using many propane appliances can save you a great deal of money in the long run. If you need propane appliances, you can purchase these on our website. Simply click either on the green Thrifty Direct tab or the Propane Appliances tab at the bottom of our homepage.

If you have further questions or wish to sign up for Pittsburgh propane services with Thrifty Propane give us a call today. You also can send an email or talk with one of our representatives via live chat.

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