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6 Propane Tank Refill & Propane Tank Facts

March 23, 2017 / Joshua Prizer / Propane, Propane Tanks

Propane is one of the most efficient and green energy sources available, but with great propane service comes great responsibility. All propane customers need to understand a few basic facts about propane tanks and the propane tank refill process.

1. Yard Size & Tank Size Are Related
Before you become a propane customer, you need to have a propane tank installed in your home. There are many sizes of propane tanks, and the size that you choose depends upon the size of your yard as well as the size of your house and household. For instance, if you have a small yard, you could install our smallest tank, which is a 250-gallon tank. Of course, with a smaller tank, a propane tank refill might be necessary more often. You also might consider installing an underground tank to save yard space. Of course, if you have a larger yard, there may be plenty of space for our above-ground 320-gallon tanks, a 500-gallon tank or a 1,000-gallon tank.

2. Other Factors Play Into Tank Size
You might have room for a 1,000-gallon tank, but do you really need that much tank? In order to select the best tank size, we will look at your typical energy usage. If you have a large home and with four or more residents, you might use a good amount of propane throughout the year while a small home with just one or two residents will not need as much propane for heating, cooking and heating water. The number of appliances that run on propane also can affect your yearly propane usage. All of these factors will be considered prior to setting up your propane tank.

3. Tanks Can Be Leased Or Purchased
When we first set up service, you can opt between leasing a tank or purchasing a tank outright. Our lease fees are just a few dollars per year, so this is a highly affordable option. We also offer a lease-to-own program, and if you do purchase a tank, we will purchase it back from you if you move or decide to switch to another energy source. If you pre-purchase a large amount of propane, we also will give you a free refurbished tank. Details about this can be found by clicking on the Free Tank tab on our homepage.

4. New & Refurbished Tanks Can Be Equals
We sell new and refurbished tanks, and both are excellent options, although refurbished tanks are much less expensive. Our refurbished tanks have the same 10-year warranty as our new tanks, and feature fresh paint and new valves. If you keep your tank rust-free and repaint when needed, it should last for many years beyond the warranty. You will need to replace valves from time to time as these do wear out.

5. Schedule Your Propane Tank Refill With Ample Time
Too often, people wait too long to schedule a propane tank refill and this has a big effect on one’s pocketbook. For instance, if you wait until your tank is just about empty, not only do you risk running out of propane, you also can incur an emergency fill fee of $300. Please give us a call and schedule your propane tank refill when you notice that your tank gauge is at about 30% to 35% full. This ensures that we have plenty of time to deliver your propane and you won’t run out before we fill the tank.

6. Your Tank Will Never Be Completely Full
Propane changes depending on the temperature of the air. When the temperature goes up, propane expands. When the temperature goes down, propane contracts. Because we have no control over the weather, we fill tanks only about 80% full. This is because if the temperature increases, the propane in your tank will expand and we must leave room for expansion. When we provide you with a propane tank refill, you might also notice that your tank gauge might differ from the gauge on our truck. This is normal, and residential gauges are only an approximate indication of the quantity of propane in your tank. Our trucks, however, are state inspected to ensure accuracy so always rely on the amount that is shown on the truck meter delivery ticket.

If you would like to set up propane delivery services or need a propane tank refill, give us a call today. You also can click on the Order Online tab on our homepage or contact a representative via email or live chat.

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