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5 Helpful Tank Facts For Detroit Propane Customers

April 25, 2017 / Joshua Prizer / Propane, Propane Tanks

When new customers sign up for our Detroit propane service, the first questions they typically ask are about propane tanks. To clear up some of the mystery regarding propane tanks, the following facts are sure to prove helpful.

1. You Can Buy Or Lease A Tank
With Thrifty Propane, you have the option of buying or leasing a tank from us. Leasing costs just a few dollars per year, but many people prefer owning their own tank, so we offer both new and refurbished tanks for sale. Both the new and used tanks include a 10-year warranty, fresh paint and new valves, however tanks should last well beyond this 10-year mark.

The cost of purchasing a tank varies according to tank size and whether the tank is new or refurbished. If you pre-buy a specific amount of Detroit propane, we will give you a refurbished tank for free. For instance, if you pre-buy 2,650 gallons of propane, we will give you a free 500-gallon refurbished tank. This is an especially good deal if you pre-buy your propane when Detroit propane prices are low. You will enjoy a free tank as well as a low rate on thousands of gallons of propane.

2. Many Factors Contribute To Tank Size
We offer 250-gallon tanks, 300-gallon tanks, 500-gallon tanks and 1,000-gallon tanks. Typically, homeowners will select the 250-gallon, 300-gallon or 500-gallon sizes, but there are several factors to consider before selecting a tank size. For instance, smaller homes typically need less propane per year than larger homes, simply because there is less square footage to heat.

Additionally, though, we also look at the size of your household. If you live alone or perhaps the home includes a couple living alone, chances are that they will use less propane than a family with two or three children. A home with many propane-powered appliances also will need more propane than a home that uses propane only for the furnace. We also will look at your yard size and configuration. Your tank needs to be place a specific distance away from your home and other structures on your property and we must be able to access it at any time, so this also can affect the size of tank. Keep in mind that some properties also are suitable for an underground propane tank, and if you are interested in that option, we can determine if your yard is ideal for an underground tank.

3. Be Careful About Painting A Tank
For those with an above-ground tank, you might be tempted to decorate the tank with a whimsical paint scheme. However, only certain types and colors of paint can be used on a propane tank. Certain colors can cause the tank to heat up, which will cause your propane to expand, so if you do wish to paint, research the laws in your area and only use approved paints.

We highly recommend that you consider other ways to camouflage your Detroit propane tank. Many people with use pretty fencing or perhaps plant shrubbery around the tank to conceal it somewhat. Just keep in mind that you don’t want to place anything around the tank that will make it difficult for our drivers to deliver your propane.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Tank Gauge
When your tank gauge drops below 50% of capacity, it is time to pay close attention. When it hits about 40% and no lower than 35%, it is time to give us a call and schedule a refill. At that point, we put you on our schedule and you can expect to wait up to two weeks for a standard delivery. If you have 35% to 40% left in your tank, this should be no problem.

However, if you wait until your tank is below 35%, you could risk emptying your tank prior to the delivery day. Too often, people wait until the tank is very low and then call us worried about running out of propane. If you do need an emergency or expedited fill, this is a huge expense, costing as much as $300 if you need delivery within 24 hours. Even if you opt for our Special Delivery Fill, which will ensure that you have propane within three business days, this service costs an additional $150. We highly recommend that you keep an eye on your tank or perhaps sign up for our Periodic Fill service, which schedules deliveries based upon your needs.

5. Remember The 80/20 Fill Rule
One of the most confusing things for our new Detroit propane customers occurs after we fill up the tank for the first time. When you look at the gauge, you probably will see that your “full” tank is actually about 80% full and not 100% full. Because propane expands if the temperature increases, we must leave extra room for this expansion in your tank, so your tank probably will never read 100% full.

If you have further questions about propane tanks or about our Detroit propane service in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us by phone, email or via live chat. In addition to delivering propane to homes in the Detroit area, we also serve 15 Michigan counties. To check prices in our area, just head to our homepage and complete the Free Price Check.

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